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Charity Calender 2011 assembled!

Hey everybody!

Fresh snow is already painting our mountaintops white, a smell of winter is in the air. There are only two pages left on your 2010 Cappuccino Club Charity Calendar and you might be asking yourself with what to replace it once 2010 walks out into history. Here comes the answer:



By the end of last week, months of work  culminated in four big pallets full of freshly printed paper being delivered to an essential and outstaning ingredient of Innsbruck’s creative landscape, the world famous TORTENWERKSTATT (check out The Tortenwerkstatt collective offered their home sweet home for us to assemble our Calendar – THANKS A LOT, you are truly amazing!

Tortenwerkstattler, photographer, filmer, brain and big friend Hanno put in all his creativity and enthusiasm to design together with Jiro an assembly line which Henry T. Ford would have been proud of. The next morning, doors opened early and helping hands kept flowing in throughout the day, making this day an extraordinarily nice experience for everyone.

The CCCC(CappuccinoClubCharityCalendar)-AssemblyLine worked smoothly (check out the video, coming soon!) and we were truly amazed by the motivation of all those people helping us, be it our hosts (Tortenwerkstatt rules!), parents, relatives, long-standing friends and those who became friends this day, CC-members, everybody did a great job. By the end of the day, all 1500 calendars were finished and the fun and good good time we had made smiles big and eyes bright -  THANK YOU EVERYBODY, IT WAS GREAAT!!

Get the CC Calendar 2011



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