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Eventpartner Sportunion Tirol & TI Snowboard

Supported by Burton, Butta Wax, Illy Kaffee, KORUA Shapes, LEON Aperture, Tiroler Versicherung, TSG, Zimtstern


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2015s winner's and runner ups















Impressionen 2014

Dinner and handing over the cheque at the BIWAK



2014s winner's and runner ups












 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom Impressions















































   Cappuccino Club Charity Banked Slalom


3rd annual Charity Banked Slalom, Kühtai, Austria 

Same procedure as every year. Yes, let's have fun. Chill and grill, KORUA Testboards, tombola and a fun race course (little bit shorter than last year).
Who will be the new winner's after
last years Korua Boys Mo and Nicholas?



Watch our short 2016 video. Congrats to Harry Putz and all the other shredders!

Cappuccino Club Charity BANKED SLALOM 2016 from Cappuccino Club Innsbruck on Vimeo.



Here are the results:



Saturday, April 2nd 2016 Kühtai
Alpenrosenlift, slope 15, Tyrol, Austria

Cappuccino Club präsentiert die dritte jährliche Ausgabe des Charity Banked Slaloms, am 2. April 2016, im Kühtai, Tirol. Verbringt den Tag gemeinsamen mit uns beim Snowboarden auf einem „insanely fun course“ (KORUA’s Botschafter) und chilled mit alten und neuen Freunden. Wir sammeln Geld für das „Shred for a smile“ – Kinderevent in Tirol und andere Charity-Projekte. Cappuccino Club’s Charity Banked Slalom ist Teil der WSF Banked Slalom Tour, die die Geschichte des Snowboardens damit feiert.

Cappuccino Club presents the 3rd annual Charity Banked Slalom, 2nd April  2016, next to Kühtai’s famous KPark, Tyrol. Let’s spend the day together snowboarding on an “insanely fun course“ (KORUA’s ambassadors) and having a good time with old and new friends. We collect money for „Shred for a smile“ – kids event in Tyrol and other charity projects. The Cappuccino Club’s Charity Banked Slalom is proudly part of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour that celebrates the history of snowboarding.


We are looking forward to welcoming you, your friends, kids – the whole family!
Bring your chillout chair and enjoy a good time!



2runs, fastest counts
Maximum starters:

Legenden / legends (> 30, m/w) 
Erwachsen / adult (17-30, m/w)
Juniors (14-16, m/w)  
Jugend / youth (12-13, m/w)  

Kinder / kids  (< 12)
Familien / families (time of fastest adult + fastest child is aggregated)
Teams (pair up - fastest time of each teammember will be aggregated)
Best Retrostyle (whatever Retro means to you!)

Timeline Raceday
08:45 - 09:30: Startnummer abholen / collect your startnumber @Kassa Dreiseenbahn
09:00: Lift öffnet
09:15 - 10:00: Kursbesichtigung
/ course inspection
10:15: Race Start - 2 runs  
Siegerehrung /  tombola, price ceremony, get together
Den ganzen Tag / all day long: chill and grill, music

Ausspannen, zuschauen, Spaß haben (zu Fuß vom Parkplatz in 2 Minuten erreichbar)
grab a seat, bring your chillchair
, watch the race, have fun, ... (easy accessible from parking lot, 2min walk)

Getränke, Kuchen, Grill: FAMILIEN WILLKOMMEN!!    Drinks, cake, barbecue. FAMILIES MORE THAN WELCOME!!
You are welcome to bring a cake or something we can sell to donate :-)

Cooler Snowpark zum Freestylen next door.
Next to the race course is KPark. Improve your freestyle skills

Registration: nur mehr Nachmeldung bei unserem Check In bei der Kassa Dreiseenbahn (9:00 bis 9:25: 20 freie Plätze)

Anmeldegebühr / Registration fee
Erwachsen / Adult: € 20,-

Student: € 15,-
Jugend und Kinder / Youth and Kids: € 10,-
wird gespendet / will be donated;
exklusive Liftticket / lift ticket not included!


Verein Cappuccino Club
IBAN: AT42 3600 0000 0354 1943

Swift Code (BIC): RZTIAT22

Course construction & volunteers
Everybody is welcome to help constructing the course!
Please contact

Anreise / How to get there

KPARK Kühtai

mit einer Mitfahrgelegenheit

mit dem Bus


Supporting partners
We want to thank Bergbahnen Kühtai, KPARK and AIR- & STYLE COMPANY for supporting our project!
We are building the racecourse with knowledge support from our friends from the Montafon Banked Slalom and ÖSV! Thanks!

Any advice, note or help of you guys out there is welcome! 

Your Cappuccino Club Team!

Recap 2nd edition 2015




Sunday 22 March 2015, Kühtai in Tyrol: Innsbrucks Snowboardcrew Cappuccino Club hosts the 2nd Cappuccino Club Charity Banked Slalom.

What a day! Up to 40 cm of powder and the sun glimpsing throw clouds mark the start for an epic day and a celebration of snowboarding. 120 starters are listed. Cakes, steaks and chill area for resting are waiting at the finish line. Some international pro riders, many big names of Innsbrucks snowboard scene and a horde of over 20 kids made it to Kühtai to battle for the fastest run through the challenging banks. The technical course demanded all of our skills.

Thanks to great support from the industry, all kids and many teens, adults, legends, families, double-teams and retro-shredders walked home with prizes and a big smile.


Raising for local projects and prizes of happiness

Togehter with the Charity Party on Friday the 20th of march, we could collect more then EUR 4.000,-! Thank you very much. We will help kids to go shred and support local charity projects!

Investment Update:

Project1: We are happy to support the Sunrise Club of Nina Weiss and her friends [EUR 1.500,-]. They help northafricans to integrate and learn German. Thanks a lot for your commitment, Nina!


Project2: Further some of us visited the "Refugeehome Mentlberg" and they helped us to get in contact with 4 Syrians who stay at the refugeehome in Radfeld. Mohamad, Abdulghani, Hasan, Bilal togehter with John, Doris, Alex, Johannes, Stefan and Stephan had a great time cooking together, learning from each other and providing Syrian specialities at our stand at the "Go Shred" fleemarket. With a EUR 250,- investment, they were able to earn more than EUR 600,-. The money will be invested in their temporary accomodation. Find some more pictures.


Project3: Plattform Rechtsberatung Innsbruck

Project4: CO2 Compensation for the Banked Slalom via BOKU Vienna - Center for global change and sustainability


Event report 2015:



After our internal training the Highspeed entry had to be "disarmed" and moved downward


Entering the "Woods" - One of the critical sections


Nicholas Wolken pushing it

Swiss Proriders Nicholas Wolken and Stephan Maurer really liked coming to the Kühtai:
“The Cappuccino banked was one of the funnest events we have been to. Lots of old and new friends, good vibes toped of by a insanely fun course and a killer finisharea. Of course we are stoked about the fact that we did well in the race, but the main win was the good times we had. So thanks for the great day and we will be there next year for sure! Cheers Team-KORUA”


Matze followcam


Loving it


But it was n't easy


The 2nd bank was tricky after gaining speed speed speed at the start


Spotted: Bibi and Mitch Tölderer together with Nicolas Wolken


Sani on his way to 3rd place


Mad men Petz Radacher "head of racecourse" taking care of crazyness



The two most important men: Grillmaster's Stephan and Hannes

We wanna thank our contest sponsors: Völkl Snowboards, Burton, Goodboards, Korua Shapes, Butta Wax, Illy Mokka


We also would love to thank our party & tombola sponsors: K2 Snowboarding, O’Neill, Adidas, DaKine, Zimtstern, X Double, Norrona,, AurstriAlpin, Raiffeisen Club, Area 47, Anon,, and many more.

Our partners were great: Bergbahnen Kühtai (danke Bettina und dem Pistenbully Trupp!), KPark (Danke Jakob!), Air&Style, Turnerschaft Innsbruck (Danke Johannes Bodner & Co)


Stephan Maurer's highspeed ride to victory

Overall Top 3 Men:
1. Stephan Maurer
2. Nicholas Wolken
3. Sani Alibabic

Overall Top 3 Women:
1. Regina Lind
2. Klara Dinold
3. Daniela Kaindl

Find all results here or further down on issuu:
Cappuccino Club Charity Banked Slalom 2015 - results

More pics on:



No idea what a banked slalom is:
check or


Explanation (german): Das Wort „banked“ bedeutet in Zusamenhang mit einer Kurve, dass es sich hier um eine Kurve mit Querneigung, also einer Steilkurve handelt.
Es handelt sich also um ein Snowboardrennen auf Zeit, welches in einem mit Steilkurven präparierten Kurs stattfindet. Es ist aber kein gewöhnlicher Boardercross bei dem große Sprünge und andere Hindernisse überwunden werden müssen, sondern wie der Name schon sagt, geht es hier rein um das vergnügliche Fahren der Banks und die Möglichkeit Leute die diesen Sport leben und lieben zusammenzubringen. (Montafon Banked,


Recap 1st edition 2014

Thanks for being part of our first nice, mellow "let's get banked" Slalom event.

Congratulations to the winners:

Kiara Zung (Kids f, 2003), Jakob Steinberger (Kids m, 2003), Daniela Kaindl (Adults f, 1984), Michael Lippitsch (Adults m, 1986), Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek (Legends f, ?), Clemens Waibl (Legends m, 1979).

Reinerlös von € 1.281,33 gespendet:

Bei super-lecker Abendessen bei, von und mit den Biwak-Kids und -Betreuer_innen am 8. September 2014 konnte der Erlös aus dem Banked Slalom gemeinsam gefeiert werden. Neben Gulasch und Kichererbsen-Eintopf gab's für uns Tischfußball, eine Hausführung sowie einen Deutschkurs. Danke an das Biwak-Team für die gute Zusammenarbeit und den Kids viel Spaß bei der Verwendung unserer Spende (€ 1.281,33 erwirtschaftet durch den 1.Cappuccino-Club Banked Slalom). Fein war's!!


Vielen Dank an die Bergbahnen Kühtai, KPark und die Air&Style Company sowie an unsere Tombolasponsoren K2  (Snowboard), AustriAlpin (Slackline), Ride (Snowboardjacken) sowie für viele weitere Preise von Illy Kaffee, Burton, Sweet Dream und Nikita.


The Results 2014:

Pressenachbericht  (German)


We shred to collect money for the Innsbruck/Hall based project BIWAK for unaccompanied minor refugees